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RFC-1Our Mission Statement

To use the beautiful game of football to energize, empower, and equip impoverished and disadvantaged youth and adults to live a holistic and purpose-driven existence.

IMG_7891Refuge Football Club started in the hearts of its team. During a sports mission trip to Kenya, Africa, we were blown away by the affect that a sport could have on the lives of people all around the world. Each member of the team has grown up playing football (soccer) and it’s always been a passion close to our hearts. However, what we’ve realized is that this skill and ability can be used for something so much greater than ourselves. Our hope is to continue to spread love, joy, hope, and create change through the use of the sport we love. 

Our Beliefs

   Our beliefs can be summed up through the statement of a man who lead his people out of darkness, and into freedom. Nelson Mandela once said,

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to unite in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than governments in breaking down racial barriers. It laughs in the face of all types of discrimination”.

IMG_0368.jpgThroughout the world there are a countless number of injustices that take place each day. Poverty, violence, and inequality are just a few of the offenders, and billions of people face these issues each day. Our belief is that it is our responsibility as individuals to step up and do our part in ending these injustices. Globally, we face the issues of religious differences, cultural variations, and language barriers. These things cause our desire to enter into communities hit a hypothetical wall. However, the one thing that is global, the one thing that almost anyone can understand is football. This beautiful game has shattered barriers, brought nations together, created unity throughout countries, and has built relationships that could never be broken. We strongly believe that football is one of the greatest tools that can be used in the fight against social injustices, regardless of where they are taking place.



  • To empower kids who lack opportunity by using soccer as a tool to equip them to be employable adults.
  • To partner with impoverished communities to build simple, safe soccer fields for youth.
  • To create and promote the use of sport as a tool for positive social change around the entire world.
  • To promote and facilitate social responsibility in and through sport.
  • To engage youth through football to promote a healthy lifestyle
  • To use the sport of football as means to access and establish relationships with people in impoverished communities around the world and furthermore to create sustainable change in those communities.
  • To use the sport to inspire able individuals to get involved in issues of social justice


IMG_61181. To establish a local football club that provides equal opportunity to everyone in the community to play the sport on a competitive level. Within the club we will not only focus on sport and technical development but also personal and lifestyle development. Through this club, we intend to equip individuals with professional effective football training, and it will also instill in them strong personal character.

2. To lead teams of volunteers on various projects within the United States and Internationally to accomplish a variety of different goals. During these projects we will use football as a means to connect with individuals. We will facilitate football-training camps, and use the sport as a means to empower each person we encounter with a sense of self-worth. Football will provide us with the opportunity to meet many different needs within communities and societies.

3. To partner with organizations that share a parallel mission and to partner with successful companies and clubs in the football industry.

IMG_3426On these projects we will do the following:

  • Train people in the skill of construction in order to remedy homelessness and lack of shelter (relevant to each community and culture specifically)
  • Hold HIV and AIDS awareness sessions
  • Educate individuals with personal health and hygiene techniques
  • Provide information on how to prevent diseases
  • Initiate clean water acts
  • Develop environmental awareness
  • Provide spiritual development
  • Educate people to become more employable
  • Provide psychological and emotional support through counseling
  • Train individuals with agricultural skills

Our desire is to rid communities and societies of the cycle of poverty. Not just by giving and doing, but also by training and equipping the natives of these communities with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to create a change on their own. Doing this will not just leave communities in better condition than when we arrived, but will create sustainable change for those we encountered, future generations, and the community as a whole.

The FC Team


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Assistant Director

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